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About CyperCat:

It`s a Metadata Information System

CyperCat is an open information system that comprises many different databases on different servers around the world. All databases contain information about information. This is known as Metadata.

It`s interactive

CyperCat is an interactive system, i.e., you can set up your own Metadata Information System using a common web browser, such as the MS Internet Explorer, providing an enter and search functionality for your users. The results of the search include an active hyperlink allowing users to download or display the original data file.

It`s standardised

CyperCat uses standardised databases with fields (or columns) defined by an international initiative called the Dublin Core Initiative . This standard provides high transparency and facilitates international integration of your metadata.

It`s flexible

The DublinCore standard provides a very flexible way to describe your work and structure many kinds of products. These includes publications, maps, reports and web sites, as well as physical places such as nature protected areas, or events and services such as recreation facilities in a nature park.

It`s distributed

CyperCat is based on the concept of distributed database management, e.g., the system can search databases in many locations to assemble the required information. To learn more about the CyperCat vision and technology, please click here.


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