About CyperCat:

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It`s a Metadata Information System

CyperCat is an open information system that can be composed of many different databases on different servers at different places of the world. All databases contain information about information, called Metadata.

It`s interactive

CyperCat is an interactive system, i.e. you can set up your own Metadata Information System using a common web browser, like the MS Internet Explorer, providing an enter and serach functionality to your users. The results of the search include an active hyperlink to download or display the original data file on your computer.

It`s standardised

CyperCat is using standardised databases with fields (or columns) that have been developed by an international initiative called the Dublin Core Initiative . This standard grants for a high transparency and international integration of your metadata.

It`s flexible

The DublinCore standard is a very flexible way to describe your work, i.e. you can use it to structure all kinds of products, like publications, maps, reports, web sites, but also physical places like nature protected areas or events and services like recreation facilities in a nature park.

It`s distributed

CyperCat is based on the idea of a distributed database management, e.g. the system can search on distributed databases to find the right information. If you want to read more about the vision and the technical concept of CyperCat please click here.