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You are an interested visitor

If you want to test the functionality of CyperCat with some examples of typical metadatabases, please login as a guest by using "guest" as the project name and the user password. The "guest" login is a fully operational version of CyperCat.

You are a user or member of a registered project

If you want to work with databases of a certain CyperCat project, please contact the responsible project manager to request the right password. Mail us to ask for his address.

You are a project manager

If you want to set up your own interactive Metadata base to better manage your projects or your administrational tasks, please let us know by e.Mail. We will install a password protected CyperCat account on our WIN/2000 server in Germany that you can use to run your personal and interactive Metadata Information System.
If you wish to maintain your own in-house system we can install a CyperCat version on your own WIN/NT/2000 server.

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