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CyperCat´s Vision

CyperCat demonstrates a web based methodology to manage distributed databases and combine them to an open information system.
Distributed Warehousing and Information Management Systems are database driven, and it is crucial for CyperCat to use an internationally standardised metadatabase to collect information.
This version of CyperCat is based on a MS Access database, ASP, HTML and JavaScript. HTML and JavaScript are mainly used to "design" the web pages, ASP and MSAccess are used to "control" the web pages.
The system is running on a Windows NT/2000 Server. Active Server Pages (ASP)are based on the Visual Basic Script and control the access and query of ODBC compliant databases. ASP is a Microsoft product that works in connection with all common databases and SQL server like MSAccess, Oracle, MySQL, etc..

Main Features of CyperCat

Using the system everybody can enter, publish and query information about all kind of products like publications, reports, software, maps, scripts etc...

  1. You can setup a metadatabase using only your web browser, i.e. you can do it Online from any internet computer.
  2. All data you are entering will be stored in a ODBC compliant Database (e.g. MSAccess) on the CyperCat WIN NT/2000 server.
  3. The information you enter is in an internationally standardised format (Dublin Core).
  4. You can enter a http:// or ftp:// address which will be displayed as an active and clickable link to your work/product (see the instructions to upload your files on a public ftp server).
  5. You can do a detailed query on all columns in the database.
  6. You can update your records in the database (this function is password protected).
  7. You can work offline and create your own MSAccess database by filling in the Dublin Core DB Template and link it to the query functionality of the system.
  8. There is also the possibility to link other remotely located databases like Oracle or MySQL.

How to publish and describe your data on the Web

Create a ftp site with a public folder ("/pub") on your server, like By means of this public ftp folder, all authorised persons can publish documents on their own. Note: You can do everything within your Netscape 4.x or MS Internet Explorer (IE 5) browser, you don't need to have a ftp software!

  1. Upload your document to the "pub" folder using your browser: Enter into the URL address field of your browser, enter your first name as the password, open the File menu of Netscape 4.x and click Upload File..., select your document to upload it.
    Using the IE 5 browser: copy the file you want to uplooad within the file manager and paste it into the ftp folder, that you have opened within IE.
  2. Fill in the fields of the CyperCat Input Form to describe your document and enter "" as the Hyperlink Identifier. This will create a link to your document, which will become active and clickable when somebody queries the database.

Download a Template

If you want to set-up your own standardised metadatabase and link it to the CyperCat system, you can download a MSAccess database with the main DublinCore fields (download template.mdb, 0.5 MB). Please visit the DublinCore Web Page to learn more about the DublinCore standard and its latest updates.

CyperCat Buttons

Start Over Press the [Start Over] button to go back to the start page of CyperCat
Query different Databases Press the [Query] button to start a detailed search for information about and interactive links to all kind of data. You can search databases via ODBC on the Windows NT/2000 server where CyperCat is located - like the interactive CyperCat Online DB - or remotely located databases on external WIN NT/2000 web servers somewhere else (requires the copy of only 4 small ASP files to this server). You can only query databases using the Dublin Core international metadata standard. A template of a DublinCore Metadatabase in MS ACCESS is provided by the author.
Add Records Press the [Enter] button to add your information to the online database using a predefined and standardised metadata format (Dublin Core)
Update Records Press the [Update] button to update the records that you entered into the system
Help Press the [Help] button to get information on how to use the system
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