Strengthening EIA/SEA in Poland 
EU Twinning Project PL2000/IB/EN/01


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Project structure

The project consisted of four Work Packages (WP), briefly as follows:

  • WP 1: An assessment of Poland's current legal, institutional and administrative infrastructures of relevance to EIA/SEA.
  • WP 2: Building awareness in Poland of the changes that will be made to meet EU requirements for EIA/SEA.
  • WP 3: Design and development of a computer-based information system (INFOOS) to support EIA/SEA.
  • WP 4: Development and delivery of training for personnel responsible for EIA/SEA.

Each Work Package consisted of a series of numbered Activities (e.g., 3-3-1). The first digit of the Activity number indicates the associated Work Package.


The project documents


There are four categories of 'documents' available:

  • Reports:
    Official reports on the results of the project and its various Activities.
  • Material:
    Working material used/produced by the various project Activities.
  • Guidelines:
    Guidelines on performing an EIA or SEA. Some of these are pre-existing EU documents relevant to all EU member countries; others are specific to Poland and were developed during the course of this project.
  • Interactive Resources:
    Websites associated with the project. Material on CD-ROM available through the Polish Ministry of the Environment (MoE).

Most documents are Portable Document Format (.pdf) files. There are also a number of Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt) files containing slide presentations, and a few HTML documents.


Most documents are organised by Activity number. The exceptions are: (a) some of the guidelines documents are in a Guidelines folder and (b) the final project report is in the Final Report folder).

Restricted documents:

Some documents are 'internal', and intended primarily for the use of project participants. These internal documents require a password. For password assignment, contact the Polish MoE (Project Leader: Grazyna Hadjiraftis).


Viewing options

You may view the documents either: (a) through a website ( or (b) on a CD-ROM available from the Polish MoE. The website is more flexible with respect to options for locating documents. Also note that any changes or additions made to the website content after July 2003 may not be reflected on the CD-ROM version.


Viewing requirements

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