Computer Automated Detection of Sealed and Paved Sites, Overgrown Areas and Single Trees in an Urban Environment

Our Service: 

  • Detailed automatic classification of urban sealed/paved sites and overgrown areas by means of aerial or satellite imagery.
  • GIS overlay with cadastral maps to accurately determine the percentage of sealed sites on each parcel.
  • Presentation of the results (classified sites with parcel borders and encoded parcel-id) on an Orthophoto Map and in GIS format, if required on a web based mapping system with authorised access.
  • Automatic detection of trees with specific location and tree height (x/y/z-coordinates) as well as a rough assessment of the tree health.

Example (open in Google Earth):

left photo: original aerial photo
right photo: sealed areas are coloured in pink, vegetation in green

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  • Work Demos on Google Earth: (download the file and start it using the free software of